May long weekend

Well.. first things first. It SNOWED on Saturday! When I started watching the weather forecast for this weekend and saw that it was calling for rain all three days I thought, that’s fine.. we will have a cozy weekend in. Play some music, light some candles, drink some coffee.. It will be nice to relax. But then I woke up on Saturday and yes indeed, the snow was falling. And then our power went out! Naturally our first thought was to leave the house and go find coffee and pastries to cheer ourselves up. Although I should mention, Emmylou thought the snow was great. She was very excited – as only a toddler can be when it snows on a Saturday in late May.

We headed down to Calgary’s East Village, an old neighbourhood that has been going through intense rejuvenation the past few years and is now full of great restaurants, new condos, and of course, cute coffee shops. We spend the morning drinking coffee and eating croissants and when we got home the power was thankfully back on.

We picked up a small carrot cake, a lemon raspberry sponge cake, and some kombucha and spent Saturday evening cozy on the couch (I felt like I might be coming down with something so I put my pjs on really early and just camped out with a pillow and blanket for the rest of the night). It was a perfect evening in as the rain fell outside.

Monday morning it was STILL RAINING when we got up, so I made coffee and got to work making some serious smoothie bowls for breakfast with banana, avocado, blueberries, amla powder, chia, ginger, lemon, cucumber, kale and topped with bee pollen, coconut chips and pecans. They were so good, but Emmylou made the biggest mess. I seriously spent more time cleaning her up then I did eating, but such is life with a toddler and at least she’s eating healthy!

*It looked this pretty for about five seconds*

*It looked this pretty for about five seconds*

I am also very excited to say that we are skipping town next weekend to head to Banff (much needed let me tell you) and as long as we have good weather that weekend it will totally make up for the mess of weather this weekend.

When I finally got dressed on Monday I opted for my favourite white jeans, a grey sweater (similar), a pretty cami (old, from Aritzia), and my tieks, which are seriously the most comfy shoes I own, to run errands and do some baking and food prep for the week.



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