Items, ideas & inspiration: No. 9

TV SHOW: Stranger Things. This Netflix original is definitely my go-to show of the summer.  Did you ever watch E.T. as a kid? And remember all of those campy 80’s horror movies by Stephan King and John Carpenter? This show pays homage to the whole 80’s genre of ‘something strange is going on in small town America’. AND it stars iconic cult-movie icon Winona Ryder. It’s so well done and weird and nostalgic – it’s perfect viewing for warm summer nights with some freshly popped popcorn.

BOOK: The Queen of the Night. This book is my perfect-for-summer, take on vacation or to the beach novel. The book is about Lilliet Berne, star soprano of the Paris Opera in the 19th century. It’s full of twisty plots, intrigue, unexpected betrayals, and over-the-top fashion. It’s looonnnggg (560 pages) so it will last you a while. It took me a while to get into it, but now that I’m in, I’m hooked. And like I said, I’ve taken it on two vacations, to the beach, and to my back-yard with a glass of white wine to relax after Emmylou has gone to bed. Everything you want to be able to do with a good summer read!

RECIPE: Easy (vegan, gluten-free) Peach Crisp from Minimalist Baker. I am going to a BBQ this weekend (August long.. Woohoo!), and I said I would bring dessert. I’m OBSESSED with peaches right now, and this healthy-ish peach crisp seems like a perfect way to get my fix. Featuring caramelized, bubbly peaches, low-sugar, and just ten ingredients, I can see this quickly becoming a go-to summer staple.

*Easy Summer Peach Crisp via The Minimalist Baker*

*Easy Summer Peach Crisp via The Minimalist Baker*

READS: Want happier, calmer kids? Simplify their world

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Jordan from the amaza-blog Ramshackle Glam show us what’s in her refrigerator!! There’s nothing I love more then seeing what’s in someones fridge..

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What to eat, what to drink, where to stay, and where to shop!

*Paris in August via Goop*

*Paris in August via Goop*

Recipe: sweet potato and cinnamon bread
For breakfast… with butter….

SHOPPING: I can’t believe July is almost done! There is so much more I want to do before this summer comes to an end. Camping, hiking, picnics, maybe one more trip to the mountains… The days are longer in the warmer months but time does seem to speed up doesn’t it? I’m pretty happy with my summer wardrobe right now, and I’m actually looking to start purchasing a few things for fall. I just ordered this grey Herschel backpack because… grey… and I’ve wanted a cute backpack for a while that can fit the wide assortment of things I seem to carry around everywhere. I also like this grey embossed cross-body bag for fall, and this grey saddle bag. This Michael Kors trench in navy is a great deal right now for the Nordstrom anniversary sale. I also like this long, wrap necklace, these sparkly Kate Spade earrings, this bangle, and this super cute grey and pink Fossil watch (all also on sale).

I’m also waiting to pick up a few things for our Mexico trip in October… Everything summer is going on sale now so it’s a good time to get what we need!  

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