August long weekend

Well, August long weekend has come and gone! It seems like fall will be upon us in no time, so I am trying to savor the sweet summer moments while I can. Since I recently returned from a trip to visit my family on the East Coast, and we have a SUPER busy weekend next weekend with a wedding and Zach doing an annual two day charity bike ride, we decided to stay in town and have a low-key few days.

*In Canmore, A.B. - trying to find a hiking spot where we wouldn't get eaten by bears*

*In Canmore, A.B. – trying to find a hiking spot where we wouldn’t get eaten by bears*

I did a great hike on Monday and it had me inspired to do an easier one with Emmylou and the pups this weekend. Early Saturday morning we brewed some coffee to go and headed to Canmore, A.B. to do a young-child approved hike. But when we pulled up to the trail head (after 1.5 hours in the car) we saw a sign indicating the area was closed due to bear activity. We could only laugh by this point, and try to explain to Emmylou why we couldn’t get out of the car even though we had seemingly reached our destination. We ended up heading to Barrier Lake, which wasn’t too far from where we were, and spending some time playing in the mud (Emmylou) and swimming out to get sticks (Jack and Bandit). At one point Emmylou FELL IN the lake, like totally submerged, so Zach ran in to grab her and pull her out (parents of the year… I know…). It was so scary for that fraction of a second she went under, but she was totally fine. As soon as he pulled her out she was all like ‘I’m gonna tell Nana!’… Thanks Emmylou.. tattletale.. Lol.

Saturday night we decided to order pizza from a new place we had heard about but hadn’t tried, and binge watch some Netflix. We then decided since there are so many good pizza places popping up in Calgary, and since we are both pretty obsessed with pizza, that we would try out a new place once or twice a month and compare them. Seriously there’s nothing better then having a pizza and Netflix night sometimes!

*Pizza, a can of pop, and Netflix... sometimes you just need it*

*Pizza, a can of pop, and Netflix… sometimes you just need it*

Sunday we went to Zach’s sisters place for a BBQ. Emmylou and I tried out this peach crumble pie recipe I had come across a few weeks ago, and it was a total hit. She loves baking with me. I just have to hold back my obsessive cleanliness  when she ‘helps’ because oh man… the mess.. But I just tell myself over and over – ‘we’re making memories, we’re making memories.’ Even though she’s two and who remembers anything from when they’re two… Emmylou had a great time playing with her cousin and the cats at the BBQ, and I had a great time enjoying some wine  🙂

*Peach crumble pie.. seasonal eating at it's finest*

*Peach crumble pie.. seasonal eating at it’s finest*

The rest of the weekend (Monday was the holiday) I did some running, some dog walking and several thousand errands. We also finished Stranger Things on Netflix (seriously so sad we’re done it! What now… haha), and we did a bit of planning for our busy weekend next weekend, when we’ll have family from all over coming in for this wedding and I’ll pretty much be on my own with little miss because Zach will be doing this bike ride. After this relaxing few days, I feel ready to tackle it though! I got a dress a few weeks ago that I think will be perfect for a summer wedding, and I have something for Emmylou to wear, so at least that much is decided.

There were definitely moments of frustration this weekend due to spending so much time with an unruly two year old… but man after she goes to sleep, all I can think about is how funny and smart and cute she is – and how fleeting this time with her being small is because she’s growing up so fast. We were at the park Monday evening and I said, ‘Hey, do you want to get going and have some dinner?’ and she immediately responds, ‘No.. five more minutes mom!’ What!? How does she even know what that means! Oh man… haha. Hope you all had a great weekend filled with friends and family!

*She doesn't always like having her picture taken... but she always likes jumping!*



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