Sunday morning at Barrier Lake

Can you believe I ALMOST DIDN’T BRING MY CAMERA on this quick family excursion to the mountains? And then I did, and I got the coolest photos! Lesson learned, always bring camera even when you are lazy. Also, I am by no means even somewhat close to a photographer (read: I’m terrified to take my camera off auto), but these photos make me feel the tiniest bit like I could pretend to be one… just for a moment. Also, my Great-Aunt recently told my Mom that a photo I took of Emmylou looked like it came from a magazine… she probably meant because Emmylou is so cute, but I took it to mean that I produce magazine worthy photos.


Barrier Lake, Alberta

We wanted to take the dogs for a swim this weekend because their swim days are numbered for this year (I actually turned my heat on last night… ugh), so we woke up on Sunday, Zach made egg and cheese muffins, I did a little cleaning, and we packed up the car to head to Barrier Lake in Kananaskis. The dogs had a great time in the water and Emmylou and I had a great time finding awesome rocks (Zach even found a fossil… so cool). Also, Emmylou stayed out of the water this time, in part because it was chilly and in part because of the ‘incident’ we had last time we visited in which she fell and completely submerged herself in the lake…

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key and mostly involved more dog walking, some cleaning/organizing, and some work I’m doing for a new client.

Next weekend, we have our trip to Drumheller planned, where we will visit the dinosaur museums and do a bit of nerding out – and I’m sure I will once again annoy Zach with my incessant picture taking.

Hope you all had a good one and have a lovely week ahead!

Barrier Lake, Alberta

Barrier Lake, Alberta

Barrier Lake, Alberta

Barrier Lake, AlbertaBarrier Lake, AlbertaBarrier Lake, Alberta

Barrier Lake, Alberta

*She was 'hiding'... didn't you know when you cover your eyes you are less visible to others?*

*She was ‘hiding’… didn’t you know when you cover your eyes no one can see you?*

Barrier Lake, Alberta

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