All the love and a bit about me

All the love and a bit about me

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Love is in the air…. well I don’t know if that’s true, but this pale pink sweater has me dreaming about a certain upcoming holiday, and scheming about what heart shaped foods I can make between now and then…

I’ve been wanting to do a post with a few details about myself for a while now because I always enjoy reading this type of post from other bloggers, especially the ones I follow regularly. BUT I have no idea what to share, so this might be somewhat random! Haha.

1. Why did I get into blogging

Well, I’ve always enjoyed reading blogs for inspiration, relaxation and just for fun! I had subscribed to a few blogs and always looked forward to receiving new posts and seeing what my favourite bloggers where up to. I also love writing and being creative (coming up with new recipes, putting together outfits, etc) so one day I just decided I would start my own blog! And honestly, I enjoy it so much. It’s such a great creative outlet and I have total control over every aspect of it, which is really appealing as well!

2. What is my background

I worked as a server/bartender for many, many years in my younger days before going to journalism school in Vancouver. I then moved back to Calgary, got into communications, and started my own company doing social media brand management for small businesses. I am also very slowly (we’re talking snail’s pace here) finishing a degree in communications. I hope to be done by the time I’m ready to retire…

3. What is my family situation

We currently have two rescue dogs (if it was up to my husband we would have 7), and one toddler. Do I want more kids? Yes. Like yesterday. What’s stopping us? Weddings… haha. We keep trying to plan getting pregnant around travel plans for various friends/families weddings and it’s seriously holding the whole situation up. But hopefully not for too much longer :).

4. What is my favourite food 

I don’t really like to discriminate when it comes to what I love to eat (read: put it in front of me and I’ll happily nosh away), but a couple of things I really love are sushi and also any and all chocolate. I lived in Vancouver, as I mentioned, and you could get such inexpensive, delicious sushi EVERYWHERE. Calgary isn’t really known for it’s sushi situation, but we have a few go-to spots for when a craving hits. As for the chocolate, I have an INSANE sweet tooth. I’m working on it. It’s not going well.

5. Ideal Friday night

Glass of wine, Netflix, couch, in bed by ten. So cool…. My life is really busy at the moment, so by Friday evening I’m usually wiped. Ah, how times have changed! Our social life now mostly involves hosting brunches and other daytime things so we can get to bed at a reasonable hour because toddlers NEVER sleep in. They can be quite the buzzkill…

If there’s anything else you’re curious about, just leave a question in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer it in a future post!

All the love and a bit about me

All the love and a bit about me

All the love and a bit about me

All the love and a bit about me

All the love and a bit about me

All the love and a bit about me

All the love and a bit about me

Photos by Paige Woodbury Photography

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