Parenting Is Hard // The Softest Jeans And Comfiest Slides

The softest jeans and comfiest slides

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I think I may be officially dealing with a threenager… On Sunday Zach wanted the day to do homework. No problem – I thought to myself. I’ll just hang out with Emmylou and we’ll do some errands and maybe go to the park, normal weekend stuff. But she had other plans… I should have known something was off before we even left the house. Normally she is pretty good about picking up her toys and helping clean up, but for some reason, Sunday morning it was NOT happening. She refused to help, to the point where I finally just put her in her room and said not to come out until she was ready to help. FINALLY (with a lot of patience on my part…) we got the mess cleaned up and out the door we went.

I told her we would go do a couple of errands, then head to McDonald’s and get some egg McMuffins for lunch (I’m totally abusing this all day breakfast thing…), then make one final stop before heading home. Well. We do one errand, then head to the grocery store where she INSISTS on pulling the basket (which is fine if you are a regular height adult, but if you are toddler sized, the angle is off and it just results in the basket falling on its side over and over and over). Finally I tell her this isn’t working and that I need to pull it, which results in a package of diaper wipes being thrown across the isle. So I do the thing that I usually try not to do (make threats that I really don’t want to follow through with) and tell her that’s it – no more McDonald’s for lunch! As you can imagine this makes her even more upset. So we pay, get back to the car, She’s saying over and over that she wants an egg muffin (and honestly so do I… lol). So I say, ‘listen – we need to have a conversation about what happened. If you listen, and understand what I’m saying, we can talk about going to McDonalds.’ We have the conversation, she really seems to understand and even apologizes, so we head off for our egg McMuffins (yay!).

Then when we get home, I let her watch Peppa Pig on her iPad while I do some work (I know, I know – parent of the year). Of course, she knocks over a full container of milk. We start cleaning it up together and I’m thinking that she is being so helpful (for once). But then, I head over to get more paper towel, and she picks up the milk container and starts flinging the remainder of the milk all over the living room, even though I ask her to stop like three times! Once again, I put her back in her room until she is ready to come out and apologize. But this time I tell her that just saying sorry doesn’t automatically make things all better because by this point I’ve had it up to here with this kid and am still super frustrated. All I can say is thank goodness for nap time…

After she wakes up from her nap we go to the park and watch the Lion King and eat pizza and she’s back to her usual sweet self. But my goodness… what a morning!

Because I spend my days dealing with a 3 going on 13 year old, I’m all about simple clothes that I can just throw on and go. When I saw this fun, ruffle hem tee, I knew it would be a great option for spring (comes in a few different colour options). I also just ordered this grey peplum tee, and this fleece peplum top that looks so, so comfy! My jeans are actually called ‘feather soft jeggins’ and yes, they live up to the name (and under $50!). My bag is also a great price. My suede slides are super comfy and come in four colours. I also really like this grey slides ($50!), and these tan slides with a block heel. These suede mules in rose are also really cute, and not a bad price!

The softest jeans and comfiest slides

The softest jeans and comfiest slides

The softest jeans and comfiest slides

The softest jeans and comfiest slides

The softest jeans and comfiest slides

The softest jeans and comfiest slides

Thank you to Paige Woodbury Photography for the lovely photos

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  • Reply Milena ☁️

    The frill detail on this top is so cute and perfect for spring! <3

    April 10, 2017 at 2:00 pm
    • Reply Wanderlust & Bee

      Just what I was thinking!! Now if spring would actually stick around long enough for me to wear it… lol

      April 10, 2017 at 2:47 pm

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