Parenting Is Hard // The Softest Jeans And Comfiest Slides

    The softest jeans and comfiest slides

    { shirt | jeans | slides | bag }

    I think I may be officially dealing with a threenager… On Sunday Zach wanted the day to do homework. No problem – I thought to myself. I’ll just hang out with Emmylou and we’ll do some errands and maybe go to the park, normal weekend stuff. But she had other plans… I should have known something was off before we even left the house. Normally she is pretty good about picking up her toys and helping clean up, but for some reason, Sunday morning it was NOT happening. She refused to help, to the point where I finally just put her in her room and said not to come out until she was ready to help. Read more


    The Weekend Edit

    A little dose of inspiration to get you weekend ready!

    PODCAST: Like most everyone, I was OBSESSED with the first season of Serial. The new true-crime podcast S-Town, hosted by This American Life producer Brian Reed and produced by the creative team behind Serial, is being hailed as even better than it’s predecessor. The series investigates an unsolved murder in a small Alabama town – but apparently it goes off the rails, becoming much more interesting than your usual murder-mystery. I’ve made Zach promise we can start it this weekend :). Read more


    Changing Seasons // A Simple Spring Look

    Could shoulder dress and blush lace-up pumps: A fun Spring look

    { dress | coat | shoes | bag }

    Ahhh what a busy week/weekend I’ve had! On Wednesday I traveled solo to San Diego for Social Media Marketing World Conference (it was my first time going and it was absolutely ah-mazing). I had four days there to explore the city, eat gelato and soak up the sun – and ended up with quite the sunburn for my efforts… oops. I got back late Saturday and since then things have been go-go-go. Read more


    Yoga Clothes I Like To Wear While Not Doing Yoga

    Casual weekend outfit for spring

    { sweater | tank | leggings, similar | bag }

    One day I will get fit… It’s not that I don’t like to exercise, I weirdly do, but I legitimately DO NOT have enough time to fit it as regularly as I would like. In my spare time I am always working on the blog or my business (yes, even while watching TV) so unless I manage to add an extra couple of hours to the day I’m not sure how I’m ever going to accomplish my goal of getting fit! Read more


    Coconut Mango Smoothie

    Coconut Mango Smoothie - dairy free, refined sugar free

    Helllooooo Monday! Was anyones weekend as chaotic as mine? The past couple of weekends we’ve been getting our house painted so we’ve been staying in a hotel, which sounds fun, but when you have to also move ALL your furniture, empty out ALL of your closets, take ALL of your paintings/photos off the walls, pack and unpack for two adults, one toddler and two dogs, Oh and decide on a new paint colour for the upstairs in like one day because you don’t like the one you originally picked… Well, as I said chaotic is probably the most PG term I could use to describe it. Read more


    Everyday casual: Oversized cardi and distressed denim

    Everyday casual - oversized cardigan and distressed denim

    { jeans | sweater | t-shirtbag | boots | necklace }

    So I’m in a bit of a conundrum. I desperately need to get my hair done… but I’m trying to get pregnant (!!!), and if I am I want to put off colouring my hair until later in the pregnancy. So I don’t even want to book a cut because if I do and then I find out I’m not pregnant yet I’ll be like ‘darn should have gotten in coloured while I can!’ So I wait… In brassy highlights purgatory… Read more